Common Mistakes When Installing a Swimming Pool and Hardscapes

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Swimming pools are popular for relaxing, exercising, and for having incredible fun when the temperature starts to rise. However, there are many issues to consider, including safety, functionality, and aesthetics, which are sometimes overlooked during the installation.

Consequently, if the swimming pool gets installed in a substandard manner, then the mistakes could prove costly. So, to help you avoid making some fundamental errors, Bellagio Pools has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when installing a swimming pool and hardscapes.

1. Selecting an inexperienced pool contractor
It’s essential to do your research and find a pool contractor with the expertise to install a quality swimming pool that adheres to industry standards. Also, make sure that you have the contractor walk you through the project, as it will be too late afterwards to change things.

2. Not enough lighting
To ensure that your swimming pool gets illuminated sufficiently during those night pool parties, we recommend that you choose a designer over a builder as they will be more aware of the specifications.

3. No elevations
If you don’t have water specialty features and elevations on your pool, then your backyard investment may not achieve the resale value that you expect it to accomplish in the future. So, always think long term.

4. Installing a robotic cleaner
We often see people installing a robotic cleaner to save money, which is fine. However, a floor circulation system is better, and they also come with a lifetime warranty.

5. Not adding a spa in the beginning
To manage their budget, many people have a swimming pool installed and then build a spa in the future. However, it’s costly to add one later, so we recommend investing in a combination pool.

6. Having a filtering system that uses a sand filter or DE
While this system is sound, you end wasting much water in the backwash. We suggest that you go with a cartridge filter, which can clean the pool two to four times a year, depending on its size.

If you plan to do a few daily laps in the pool to stay fit and healthy, it’s vital to avoid these and other mistakes during the installation phase, so reach out to the experts at Bellagio Pools. We specialize in commercial/residential pool construction and remodeling in Alpharetta, GA. Our team also covers Forsyth, Fulton, and Gwinnett.

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